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Job Title: Sales Manager

We are currently looking for experienced, motivated managers who can recruit, guide and build a door to door sales force.

As your sales team targets the restaurant industry and closes Foodle.net sales listings... your earnings potential skyrockets! The more productive your sales force performs, the more you earn!

In this role your responsibilities include:

  • 1. Recruit qualified individuals to perform door to door sales to restaurants.
  • 2. Train them on the product offering(s) and sales pitches.
  • 3. Act as the gateway for passing their sales paperwork back and forth to/from corporate.

Your earnings potential is unlimited and is calculated based upon the success and overall revenue of your team. As they say... "if you build it, they will come".

We currently have the need for an additional Sales Manager on the East and West coast. If you are interested, please click the apply button and include your resume.



We are always looking for highly motivated people to help bring our product(s) to market.

If you are in innovative thinker, a confident public speaker and enjoy making sales, we have opportunities for you!